The Leesa Sapira Mattress Review: 


Like Sleeping on a Fluffy Cloud

Meta: The Leesa Sapira takes everything that has made the brand what it is, and just brings it to a whole new level with a mattress that ticks off all the boxes.

I think we are all in agreement that there are a lot of mattresses that offer a lot of sweet nothing but in the end, deliver just more of what you don’t need: sleeplessness.

Well, today, we’re going to be giving you a product that makes a bold claim about delivering you “everything you need and nothing that you don’t.”

This is the Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress.

Leesa started off as a firm that held an uncompromising belief that it could give consumers products that could help them get better sleep.

With the Leesa Sapira mattress Review — which they slowly developed through many years of intensive research and development — their beliefs have finally come to fruition as they have successfully manufactured a true hybrid luxury mattress.

The Leesa Sapira gathers everything that makes the normal Leesa mattress an incredible product and makes it even more remarkable.

So what does this make the Sapira by Leesa?

Simply put, this Sapira mattress is the most luxurious out of everything Leesa has to offer consumers.

And since the Sapira bed is made to be the brand’s most premium model, the Sapira mattress cost is a little bit higher than most offerings.

But for the additional price, Leesa delivers even more comfort, durability and high quality that the brand has gained a lofty reputation for.

Comprised of memory foam as well as pocket coils, this Sapira bed offers you incredible support all around its edges and does a superb job of isolating motion so that those that sleep on the bed are virtually guaranteed of enjoying a deep slumber.

The coils and a perforated foam top are also features that you will enjoy as these will allow you to stay cool all through your sleep period.

Although the price is a bit steep, the Sapira offers you incredible value for your money, considering its high-quality, sturdy build, premium materials, and most of all, top-notch performance.

What more are you looking for?

If the best is what you are really after, the Sapira bed is peerless in the industry.

Who is the Sapira Made For?

What kind of consumers is the Sapira suitable for?

1) Stomach/Back Sleepers

Although firmness is a subjective matter, we believe that you will agree when we say that the Sapira is firmer than most offerings in the market today, making it ideal for those that prefer to sleep on their stomach or on their back.

2) People That Have a Partner

The Sapira performs exceptionally well when it comes to motion transfer and edge support, which means that if you share the bed with some other person, you will still be able to do so since the edge support is way better compared to other products in the market.

3) People That Need More Support

The support system in the Sapira is extraordinary, making it suitable for those that need it like people that are heftier in weight or are experiencing problems with their back.

4) People That Want to Sleep “On the Bed”

The Sapira is a responsive mattress that will not let consumers sink into it, making it a perfect option if you want one that will not let you feel stuck or consumed by the mattress.

5) People That Want a Mattress That Lasts

The Sapira mattress costs a little more than the average bed.

However, this should not put you off as it will last you for a very long time since it makes use of durable materials that will not tear or break easily.

Who is the Sapira Not Made For?

As awesome as the Sapira is, it still will not please every one.

Here is a list of types of consumers that the Sapira might not appeal to.

1) Side Sleepers

The Sapira is a firm mattress, which means that those that prefer to sleep on their side might find it rigid, and thus, uncomfortable.

2) Consumers That Enjoy Sinking Into the Bed

If you enjoy the experience of slowly sinking into the mattress, then the Sapira might not be for you because of how firm and responsive it is.

3) Consumers That Plan on Moving Soon

If you are the type of person that changes residences a lot and don’t plan on bringing a mattress along, the Sapira — at its cost — might not be a smart choice to make.

What are the Sapira’s Highlights?

The Leesa Hybrid Sapira has the following standout features:

  • It is the premium model of the Leesa brand
  • It immediately adapts to a person’s changes in sleeping position
  • The Sapira’s foam top is able to isolate movement better than other products that merely have coils
  • The Sapira excels at adapting to different body types and sleeping styles of its user
  • The innerspring coil and Avena foam will help users remain cool all throughout their sleep period
  • Leesa offers fine discounts to students, teachers as well as first responders
  • Leesa holds the distinction of being a Certified B Company, which means that it practices the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility

What are the Specifications of the Sapira?

Here is a complete breakdown of the Leesa Hybrid Sapira’s specifications:

Twin 38” x 75”
Twin XL 38” x 80”
Full 53” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80”
Cal King 72” x 84”

What is the Sapira’s Construction Like?

The Leesa Sapira is a hybrid mattress that reaches you compressed and secured inside a box.

It is highly ideal for conventional frames and bases, which includes box springs, adjustable bases, Bunkie boards that have its own box springs as well as platforms.

However, Leesa also touts its own foundations that you will be able to see on their website.

The Sapira features a sleek finish, thanks to a cover that is made from soft, breathable polyester.

Leesa makes sure its brand is instantly recognizable through the signature stripes seen on the top.

And while the cover is entire removable and can be cleaned in a washing machine, Leesa strongly recommends against doing this, instead advising users to just spot clean.

This hybrid features five different layers and it has a height of 11 inches

The first layer is made up of a 1.5-inch layer of Leesa’s distinct and instantly recognizable proprietary Cooling Avena® Foam, which has been aerated to bolster the regulation of temperature.

It is also able to respond very quickly to any movements and even has a little bit of bounce to it, helping the user when he or she is repositioning his or her body.

Next, the second layer is composed of a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam, which adapts to the sleeper’s curves and delivers incredible relief from pressure.

Although memory foam is known to trap heat, the Sapira’s construction allows the layer to be somewhat away from the body, isolating the heat and keeping the mattress cool.

The third layer is comprised of an inch of core support foam that establishes the transition between the coils as well as the comfort layers.

It also delivers more motion isolation and contouring to the sleeper.

Comprising the fourth layer is Quantum core pocketed coil that is six-inches thick.

It is made out of steel and extends from one edge to the other, giving the user more support over the entire surface area of the Sapira.

The fifth and final layer is composed of stabilizing foam, one inch in thickness that the coils are resting on.

How Firm is the Sapira?

If we were to rate the Leesa Sapira’s firmness on a scale of one to 10, where do you think we would put it?

We actually give it a solid seven out of 10.

We consider the Sapira to be a mid-firm mattress that a lot of consumers — especially those that enjoy sleeping either on their back or on their stomach — will appreciate.

Lie down on the plush cover and it will not take long for your body to just feel comfy on the foam.

Give it a few more seconds and the memory foam will get activated, giving you more pressure relief and contouring.

In all, users will relish the chance to sleep on top of the Sapira, as opposed to sleeping in it, as it will give you a plush sleeping experience.

With the Sapira bed, overheating is not a concern, thanks to its aerated top-most layer, breathable cover as well as innersprings.

Together, these elements collaborate to keep the bed cool to the touch, leaving behind any concerns involving overheating.

In addition, being on top of the bed’s surface will expose your body more to the air, thereby helping to keep your temperature cool and comfortable.

Aside from the sturdy support that the Sapira offers to users, there is also a coil layer that delivers a somewhat bouncy feeling.

Even with the memory foam component of the Sapira, the responsiveness of the mattress is rather quick, and this combination of responsiveness and bounce collaborate to help users transition from one position to the another without much hassle.

This means that combination sleepers will adore sleeping on the Sapira as it allows seamless transition from one sleeping position to another.

Back sleepers will also relish the Sapira mattress for the firm and reliable support that the pocketed coils bring, which can help keep their spine’s alignment intact.

Side sleepers on the other hand, will love the Sapira mattress’ top-most layers of foam that help relieve the pressure from their hips and shoulders.

In addition, they will also enjoy the spinal-alignment provided by the coil system, especially for those that weigh a little heavier than the average person.

However, side sleepers that are somewhat slight in weight and need some assistance in contouring may do well to try an all-foam Leesa.

Those that particularly enjoy sleeping on their stomach will find the Leesa Sapira to be the one for them.

This is because this firmer hybrid will keep their hips from sinking in too much, preventing problems involving the alignment of the spine.

All that being said, the Sapira mattress is one fine choice for nearly all kinds of sleepers.

If you are after a Leesa bed and you are on the heavy side, then we strongly recommend that you consider getting the Sapira.

How Does the Sapira Handle Motion Transfer?

Are you a couple that is concerned that your sleeping movements will disrupt the rest of the other?

If that is the case, then the Leesa Sapira is a mattress that you should really look into.

This is because the Sapira does really well in the motion transfer category, thanks to its memory foam element combined with the individual pocketed coal system that is enveloped with a one-inch layer of stabilizing foam.

When all these elements work in conjunction with one another, it makes for a mattress that does well in keeping motion from reverberating across the rest of the mattress since the coils move independently of one another.

What about the Sapira’s Edge Support?

Are you concerned about the consistency of support in the Sapira bed?

You shouldn’t be.

This is because the Sapira’s exceptional coil system goes from one edge to the other, meaning support that you will feel in the middle also goes out to the sides, setting this bed head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

Sitting on the sides of the Sapira, you will see a little bit of compression through the layers of comfort but you will still enjoy the feeling of support that is being delivered by the coils.

What this basically means is that the comfort and sturdiness that you will feel when you are lying around the edges of the bed will still be the same as when you are lying down in the middle.

How is that for consistency?

This is a crucial factor especially for those that share a bed and need to use every inch of it.

What is the Buying Experience Like When You Purchase a Sapira?

If ever you purchase a Leesa Sapira mattress, you might be wondering what else will you be getting other than the bed?

Wonder no more as we’re listing down some other neat things you will experience when you buy a Sapira.

1) A Trial Period

When you purchase a Sapira, you will be getting a trial period that lasts an incredible 100 days.

This means it is a low-risk purchase since it basically allows you to try it out for three months, and then, if you still don’t like it, you can just have someone from the company picks it up and you’ll get your money back!

The mattress you just used will then be either given away or recycled.

The only expense you will incur is when you live outside of the lower 48 states of the United States, in either Alaska or Hawaii.

2) You Get a 10-Year Warranty

Aside from the trial period, Leesa will also give you a 10-year limited warranty that guards against physical flaws like sagging of at least an inch.

Should this happen, Leesa will gladly replace your Sapira and you’ll only have to take care of the shipping costs.

3) Free Delivery and Shipping in the US

If you order a Leesa Sapira, you will get it delivered straight to your doorstep within a matter of three to 10 business days.

The company will ship it to you free of charge provided you do not live in either Alaska or Hawaii.

You will receive the Sapira in its compressed and rolled state.

If you are ready to unbox it, you just have to call a friend — since it weighs more than 100 pounds — to help you unbox and unroll it.

Then, you just wait and watch it grow — the process usually takes no more than three minutes — into its complete state.

4) Excellent Customer Service

Should you have any questions regarding the Sapira or any Leesa mattress, you can call the company’s mattress experts from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

They also have an e-mail that you can send your message to, if you find that to be more advantageous to your situation.


The Leesa Sapira is a luxurious hybrid mattress that is brought to you by a company that is unwavering in its commitment to helping people get better sleep with products that deliver uncompromised value.

The Sapira checks out all the boxes in that it is wholly comfortable for those that like sleeping on their back or on their stomachs as well as those that tend to lean on the heavier side, and as such, require a little more support than usual.

The Sapira features much of the brand’s excellent quality and long-lasting durability along with the extra bonus of the Quantum coil.

That combination alone already places a lot of Sapira’s competition — which tout products that are priced well over that of the Sapira’s — right behind the eight ball.

And unlike the products offered by other companies, the Sapira can be tried out free of charge or any commitment for 100 days, to really give you a feel of what it is like to rest on something like the Hybrid Sapira.

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