Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

Whether you are a seasoned bicycle rider, or you are just hopping on this bicycle troop, chances are you need a compatible bicycle to assist you in this quest.

Expert riders would prefer something of the professional level that can help them improve on their riding skills and keep them pedaling on the road.

But not every rider has reached that level of riding skills; hence, the amateurs feel the need to buy a cheap yet efficient alternative for themselves.

We have compiled this list to ease those curious minds as we tackle variables like comfort, speed, stopping power, grip, and compatibility.

Though the most difficult variable to accommodate was the budget limit of $500.

We have taken up this challenge and made a list of the best mountain bikes under 500.

Apart from the extensive research, we have also talked with the customers that are using the mentioned bikes to give you a clearer picture of the ride you’ll be spending your hard-earned money on.

Best Men’s Mountain Bikes 

Hard trails and mountain rides are some of the most praised sports and hobbies of men.

Some do it as a form of exercise as well, but that doesn’t mean it is a man-only activity though we do see a clear difference between the mountain bikes for men and women.

Eurobike Eurx1 Mountain Bike

Unrivaled in Action


A mountain bike won’t be of any good if it cannot ride comfortably on the mountain plains.

Eurobike made it such operations a reality by including the wheels of 29 inches and a pair of disc brakes.

Such a combination makes it runs on the road smooth and relaxing.

The dual disc brakes give you an undeniable hold and stopping power that ensures that your bike doesn’t skid while coming to a halt.

Furthermore, it has a 21-speed shifting system that keeps giving you the freedom to decide how you want to pedal to your destination.

Durable Construction

EURX1 has no competition when it comes to durability and design.

Its frame is forged from tensile steel and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) weld is used to put its structure together.

Furthermore, its stem is formed from aluminum, and it uses an iron chain in its mechanics.

The material used in its construction is guaranteed to last for years without once corroding or falling apart.

A Comfortable Ride

Eurobike prioritizes its customers’ comfort hence the use of a comfortable saddle with a steel seat.

It has a frame height of 19 inches, which perfect for men of 5.8 inches to 6.2 inches.
As stated earlier, you must buy a mountain bike complimenting your height; otherwise, you’ll suffer from back pains or neck sores.


What Customers Says

Eurobike EURX1 is the best MTB for students that love to chase bumpy trails and steep paths.

It can support any person of average size and weight and is the most praised mountain bike that you can buy within a sizeable budget of $500.

Tetran XTB Hard Tail Mountain Bike

Stable & Durable

Tetran XTB is the epitome of stability and durability with its 17 inches high frame that is fashioned from aluminum alloy.

The other metals used in such alloys are highly tensile and robust; hence, the impressive sturdiness of its structure that can withstand the harsh weather.

Moreover, Tetran prides itself as one of the leading brands to manufacture the best suspension mountain bikes.

That is why the inclusion of a steel fork for the said suspension and stability on hard rails is nothing surprising for the user.


Efficient Functionality

Shimano is a famous brand that has been providing bicycle components to some of the top bike production facilities, and Tetran is one of them.

The dual EZ-FIRE PLUS shifters are responsible for keeping your bicycle running at a speed of 21.


What Customers Says

XTB hard trail is famous for running on all road types without once going out of control or slipping.

Customers gave it an almost five-star rating on most websites because of its unchallenged resilience and speed.

Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Safest Ride

One thing that might hinder your bike’s terrain on a steep heel is its lack of ability to absorb impacts.

Such impacts are a common occurrence on a rough path.

Merax Falcon is a full-suspension mountain bike that doesn’t let you feel inconveniences that are a norm on mountain bikes.

The front and rear suspension and a stable fork help you in maneuver around cutting turns safely.


Powerful Speed

Its speed with which you go down hills or come back up is so powerful that you don’t have to pedal to keep its momentum always.

It has speed shifters of 21 assists in your escapades down a hill or in swift glides on a smooth road by easing your gear shifts.

Aside from the shifters and capable wheels, it uses a pull-up long break that gives the rider an exceptional stopping authority.

You don’t have to worry about sliding down a hill or skidding on a road as once you pull on these breaks; you won’t move ahead from your place even an inch.


What Customers Says

Merax Falcon is manufactured while keeping economic needs and utility of a bike ride in the highest esteems.

It comes with a one-year warranty that is enough to put customers’ minds at ease as they know that the company has left room for accountability.

Women’s Mountain Bike Under $500

Men and women are both built differently and have contrasting physical aspects.

While keeping an average man and woman on sight, we can say that both have a diverse threshold of endurance and physical needs.

That is why it is essential that one buys stuff for themselves keeping such differences in mind, especially when your body is involved.

Mountain bikes for men and women have dissimilar frame sizes that complement the average height range of both genders.

Following are some of the best women’s mountain bikes under the economical budget of $500:

Motobecane 2018 Nimble FS Full Shimano Mountain Bike

Maximum Comfort

If you want maximum comfort, then ensure that the saddle fixed on your bicycle is complimentary to your behind.

MTB is a kind of a saddle technology that tailors bicycle saddles according to your body size.

You can pick from different saddle sizes that are medium width, narrow width, or full width. T

he comfort and ease offered by Motobecane don’t just end here, the exceptional grip provided by its tires also facilitates your ride on it effortlessly.


Full Suspension Ride

Full suspension in bicycles is a new trend, and it has been gaining steadily.

Motobecane Shimano takes this bicycle trend to a new height by introducing its 4-bar link technology.

This suspension technology will give you such confidence that even the most damaged roads or dangerous hills will not make you frown.


Impressive Part Assembly

Motobecane has some of the most efficient and in-demands parts included in its design.

One such component is its front lockouts that are quite expensive in the market if bought separately.

Front lockouts together with the Shimano Drivetrain allows you to ride on the roads safely as it bestows its rider with unimaginable control.

This control is further strengthened using rear and front disc brakes.

What Customers Says


Customers have shown their full trust over this mountain bike because of the remarkable part combination mentioned above.

Its frame is forged by alloy like most bikes, yet the skill with which it is fashioned is hard to avoid.

While using this mountain bike, you are guaranteed to feel safe and comfortable without worrying about any burdening expense.

Titan Women’s Mountain Bike

Exceptional Design

Titan’s mountain bike ensures that your off-roading adventure becomes memorable in its companionship.

It is made from robust materials that can withstand the changing environmental conditions yet remains efficient in its operation.

The handrails and steel fork keep your ride stable on the road with increased grip and handling capacity.


Top-Quality Speed

Titan emphasizes on the smooth yet quality speed deliverance for its bicycle; hence, the use of reliable alloy wheels supported by steel hubs.

These wheels are designed to provide you with the right amount of grip against the road or a bumpy hill.

Titan’s speed claim is further cemented by the kind of shifters and gears it uses in the assembly of its bike.

The 18-speed shifter, together with the grip shifting technology ensures that you stay on the roll without pausing to switch gears.

Such fluidity in its motion might raise questions against its stopping power.

That is why it uses exceptionally apt rear and front v brakes as well as derailleurs.

This gives you immense control over your movements, especially during turning and tipping points.


What Customers Says

Customers who have used this mountain bike has nothing but good things to say about it. Some pegged it as the best women’s mountain bike, or some praised it for its affordable pricing.

If you are an amateur to off-roading, then this mountain bike is perfect for you to take your first step.

Gravity 2020 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Aluminum Frame

Unhindered & Comfortable Ride

The parts used in the manufacturing of this mountain bike are befitting for a job related to speed and comfort.

For instance, it has flexible suspension at both ends along with the Shimano Derailleur. Furthermore, its fork adjusts its functionality according to the weight it is tasked to bear.

One can enjoy their mountain adventures and hillside riding safely because of the slick Shamino shifters and dual disc brakes.


Sturdy Alloy Frame

Gravity has updated their new ride according to some of the trendiest technologies.

They have used the alloy in the making of their bike’s frame, but they made sure to include hydro foaming tubing instead of the traditional tubing method.

That is why Gravity FSX 1.0 is not only resilient on the road but also easy to carry around due to its lightweight.


Exceptional Tire Assembly

While riding on this bike, one can manipulate its speed quite conveniently.

The robust and meek rim combination with gripping tires allow you to control the momentum of your bike.

Another thing that raises the efficiency of its wheels is that they function on the principle of swift release.

This is the reason why these wheels don’t get stuck in tricky turns and challenging to maneuver routes.


What Customers Says

Gravity FSX 1.0 is a user-friendly mountain bike that has quickly risen in the ranks of customers’ favorites rides.

If you love the control over your every action, then try this model of mountain bike from Gravity, and you will not be disappointed!
Though categorized as the women mountain bike, Gravity FSX 1.0 is a unisex ride that is suitable for both men and women.

It gives you the freedom to choose from various frame sizes that complement the stature of both men and women.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the best mountain bike will not be just all about speed and stealth.

If your ride gives you back pains, you to hunch over it to reach the wheels then it doesn’t worth your money.

Our advice is to be wise with your money and buy a mountain bike that is cheap yet efficient in various ways.

The best mountain bike would be a bicycle that can ride on any road without letting you feel the burn of the concrete road.

The list of the best mountain bikes we’ve compiled has all that and more. Each edition from Titan to Gravity is included due to their impressive reviews and remarkable efficiency.

The best part of this list of mountain bikes is that they are all under $500!
Now, you don’t need to mull over budgeting or expenses to make room for a new adventurous ride!

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