Gx7 Golf Club Review

Have you lost the youthful swing when playing golf?

Do you feel that you miss out on impressive drives that used to be your routine?

If you are keen to get back into the game, then you need to try the gx7 golf driver.

Well, we understand the fact that you have some apprehensions when choosing this golf club.

To make your quest easy, we will give you a detailed gx7 golf club review.

Gx7 Golf Club Overview

Perfect loft angle

What you will appreciate about Gx7 is the loft angle.

The golf club offers a 14-degree loft that is higher than most of the other drivers.

The loft is capable of minimizing the slice tendencies  and can give you a decent launch.

Offers low friction

The golf club has a recessed step-up sole that helps to create the no-friction zone.

The sole improves turf interaction and reduces friction in no time.

Fast Clubface

The fast clubface has a super-thin design and is capable of maximizing the energy transfer across the face.

Flawless Graphite shafts

Another aspect worth mentioning about this golf club is that it makes use of Graphite for the shaft.

Well, the Graphite Shafts are light in comparison to the steel shafts.

The material also contributes to the increase in the speed of the swing.

If you are player with slow swing, then these Graphite shafts will live up to your expectations.

Superior quality Tungsten wrap

There is no denying the fact that the design and technology of gx 7 driver gives it an edge.

The trailing edge of this club makes use of high-density tungsten wrap around the bar.

The Tungsten wrap can easily serve two purposes.

It can help to pull the mass of the club back and down. As a result, you achieve a low center of gravity, and that makes it easy to achieve a great launch angle.

The wrap that is present around the bar can easily move the mass to the perimeter of the club, which helps to raise the Moment of Inertia.

Available with an exclusive head cover

When you go for the gx-7 driver, then they offer you a head cover for your golf club also. The cover helps to protect the head of the club.

Additionally, the head cover also protects the fragile structure of your golf club.

Secondly, the leading edge of this golf club has an iron-like design.

It has a soft curve at the front, and this is why the golf club can glide across the surface without a problem. Plus, you will not have to experience any bounce when hitting with this golf club.

The best part is that when you opt for this golf club that you do not have to worry about the wide fluctuations from hole to hole.

You can easily turn off the center hits into playable shots. As a player, you do not have to go for different swing techniques because this golf club is capable of hitting like iron.

Once you get hold of this Gx7 golf club, then it will not be difficult for you to keep up with the players who can swing faster than you.

What you will appreciate about this golf club is that the center of gravity is lower from the clubface, and this helps to decrease the spin.

The best avenue to purchase Gx7 driver

Now, the question that might come to your mind is what the best source is for purchasing the golf club.

You need to search the internet with the keyword gx7 driver amazon or gx7 golf club where to buy, and you will find the link to purchase this golf club.

The benefit of purchasing this golf club from Amazon is that you will get access to different user reviews also that will give you the idea about the efficiency of this golf club.

You will notice the fact that positive reviews exceed the negatives.

Guidelines to follow after purchasing Gx7

When you purchase the Gx7 golf club, then the warranty is valid at that time.

It is essential that you should be satisfied with your purchase.

You should test the torque of your golf club. Try twisting the head and grip in opposite directions.

At the same time, you should check the club head also.



  • Gx7 is affordable.
  • It has an appealing design.
  • The golf club is durable.


  • The manufacturer needs to improve packaging quality.

Tips for maintaining your golf club

Storing your golf club the right way

When you invest in the Gx7, then you want it to last for a long time to come.

The essential aspect is  that you need to store the golf club properly.

Ideally, you should make sure that you keep your golf club indoors.

The mistake most people do is that they store the club in the trunk of their car.

Well, that is not a smart approach at all.

The problem is that the high heat can weaken the glues that hold the clubhead and grip in place.

Secondly, the club may develop dents because of getting stored in the car trunk.

If you want to leave your club overnight in the garage because you intend to use it again the next day, then this approach is fine.

However, make sure that your club and golf bag is dry.

If moisture starts to buildup in your garage, then the wise approach is to take your golf club inside.

There are times when you want to store your Gx7 for a long time.

Well, in that case, you need to put your golf club in a moisture-controlled environment.

For long-term storage, make sure that you clean your golf club first.

Cleaning your golf club

You should also make sure that you clean your golf club every few rounds.

The benefit of this practice is that you can remove dirt from the grooves.

You do not need to indulge in an extensive cleaning process.

All you need is a towel, warm water, and a soft-bristle brush. Make sure that you go for a towel that has fancy wicking fibers.

Secondly, make sure that you clean the grip also and remove all the debris.

When you clean the grip, then your Gx7 golf club is bound to last long.

When you clean the grip of your golf club, then also make sure that you inspect it from time to time.

If there are any shiny areas in the grip, then it indicates the worn areas.

Carry out the shaft inspection

You should also make sure that you inspect the shaft of your Gx7 from time to time. You should check for splits or dents in the shaft.

If you notice the fact that there are dents in the shaft, then it is time to replace it.

When you invest in an exclusive golf club like Gx7, then you want to take all the precautionary measures so that your golf club lasts long.

You will never want your golf club to get rusted, and this  is why you should never put it away wet.

If you want to toss your golf club back in the cupboard, then make sure that you give it a good wipe with a dry towel.

The advantage of this approach is that you will be sure that you removed all the moisture from your golf club.

How to manage the repairs of your Gx7 golf club

There are times when your Gx7 golf club gets damaged while playing.

However, you may not have the heart to do away with your golf club.

The answer to this problem is simple. First, you need to analyze the damage of your golf club.

Let us assume that the Gx7 shaft gets damaged.

The good news is that you can simply replace the shaft.

You need to make use of a heat gun for warming the hosel.

The benefit of this practice is that you can loosen up the adhesive that holds the shaft in place.

Gx7 has a graphite shaft, and this is why you need to make use of medium heat. Once the adhesive starts to melt, you have to pull the shaft from the hosel.

It is also vital to remove the leftover adhesive from the hosel using a solvent.

Now, you need to measure the new shaft, and it mark it at the desired length.

You need to wrap the masking tape around the area the needs to get cut.

Next, you need to place a marking on the tape.

Make use of a hacksaw for cutting down the shaft.

You need to make use of sandpaper to rough up the tip of the shaft that will get inserted into the hosel.

When you make use of a new graphite shaft, then it has a coating that needs to get removed with a sharp blade before commencing with the sanding process.

Epoxy needs to be applied to the inside of the hosel.

Now, make sure that you slide the new shaft for Gx7 into the hosel.

Make sure that you turn the shaft so that the clubhead gets aligned to the shaft.

Let the club stand up for about 12 hours so that it can get dried completely.

Follow this approach, and you can prolong the life of your Gx7.


Now, you might be wondering whether this golf club will be a smart investment on your part or not.

The appealing design will compel you to buy this golf club right away.

However, it is recommended that you do a bit of research before buying this golf club.

You should compare it with other golf clubs available in the market so that you have a fair idea why Gx7 enjoys an edge over other golf clubs. 

Before buying, make sure that you raise your concerns to the manufacturer.

When you have all the answers to your concerns, then you will not be apprehensive about your purchase. If you want to evolve as a great golf player, then it is crucial that you invest in this golf club.

Go for it, and you will not have any regrets at the end of the day.

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